We could spend a great deal of time discussing the actions taken from a medical standpoint and what is appropriate action. The truth is, if you lose a loved one to this virus, you will feel that not enough has been done.

We can all agree this virus will have and is having an economic impact upon our economy. This is “act of God,” so no business could have been reasonably prepared. However, if the federal government provides assistance to some businesses and not others, they are picking winners and losers.This was the problem with actions of previous administrations to bail out the banks during the real estate downturn of 2008 (regrettably the mega banks got the aid, our local banks were on their own, just like all of the citizens).

The best means of stabilizing our economy is broad and directly affecting individuals. A federal payroll tax holiday for six months (four months minimum) would put money in our hands. The federal government can enact it without a great deal of debate. The fact remains that when American receive a windfall or increase in money, we spend it.

The secondary benefit of the federal payroll tax holiday is businesses will have increased sales. For us conservatives, the added bonus is the electorate will see what the actual cost of our government is. For Demoncratic representatives to call a payroll tax holiday a benefit to big business and the rich is just misleading and false.

Secondary action would be needed to assist individuals directly effected and maybe industries with direct impact, like travel and entertainment industries. By enacting a federal payroll tax holiday, immediate relief can be produced. Then Congress will have time to develop an appropriate targeted aid for impacted individuals and industries.

No matter what the federal and state government does, we all must practice good hygiene and personal management.

Jack Schlichting

Cannon Falls