Last week, we had an unbelievably productive week as we reshape the way we teach and learn for potentially the remainder of the school year. As part of that effort, school employees are calling each parent in the district to verify technology needs for families. We need to know whether or not they have internet access and how many technology devices (such as Chromebooks, etc.) children can use until a Chromebook is provided to each child.

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We greatly appreciate parents’ efforts in finding flexible ways to allow their children access to computers beginning on March 30 until Chromebooks are provided to every child. Some parents are borrowing computer devices from family members or neighbors. Some students are using parent devices during portions of the school day. Of course, all devices need to be appropriately cleaned before use by students.

Please know that the school district will not call and ask for a credit card number or other financial information to implement the Distance Learning Plan, including the use of Chromebooks.

Karsten Anderson

Red Wing

Karsten Anderson is superintendent of Red Wing Public Schools.