To the vast majority of police officers nationwide who are law-abiding, thank you with all my heart for your selflessness, dedication and loyalty. For the countless and unnoticed times that you have saved precious lives of all nationalities and color (for all lives are precious in God's sight), thank you immensely. You are needed!

To our community, please do not let our present emotions blind us to the fact that countless more lives of all color have been saved by our police force in comparison to those whose lives have been lost by individuals (not a department as a whole) whose hearts had evil intentions put there by Satan himself.

Do not forget that each individual has been given free choice and whether one chooses good or evil, that individual himself must receive the reward or consequence for his actions. Do not commit the same error by placing consequences on individuals whose own actions prove his loyalty and dedication. Judgment must be placed on only those whose actions require it, not on a group as a whole whose record proves faithful service the vast majority of the time.

If we would take the time to look and remember, here is a minute list of links for you to see:

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Please remember that it is the individuals, not the entire police force, that has caused this tremendous pain and suffering and do not commit the same error by inflicting pain on those who have personally done nothing to deserve it.

Paula Olivares