I’m writing to tell the Red Wing community how much pain and sorrow and discrimination that I feel and that’s directed toward me on Facebook and in the public.

I’m a African American who has been protesting since May 26; I’ve been in five different communities protesting and marching. I started in Red Wing because I felt the need for change.

I’m not perfect nor is anyone in Red Wing, so why do I feel different than anybody else here? Because I’m a sex offender? Well. there’s others here.

Why do I get all the hate? Because I’m protesting for change and equal rights for everyone? I’m sorry that scares people -- that’s not my intention. My intention is to show people that yes, even in Red Wing, we have systematic racism everywhere in our community not only with racism but other prejudices

Yes, I’ve been calling people out on social media just like people call me out. The only difference: I talk for myself.

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But that’s not what I’m writing about, it’s about the dividing of people.

We are fighting the same fight. Does it make you feel better and to sleep at night to know you’re not protesting with a convicted sex offender -- or do you sleep better knowing that if y’all stick together then we shall overcome?

Well not this time around all I see is disrespect and hate.

Ironically, I do see kindness and for me that kindness is the same people that I’m fighting for change against. I have been accepted more from the people of politics here -- council members and the chief of police -- than the people who are supposed to be fighting with me hand in hand.

I know this is a ramble, but it needs to be said and not kept in the dark. I’m being discriminated against by the same people who are fighting for change for Black lives, but since I’m a sex offender my life doesn’t matter. Well, it does to me and I will keep fighting the good fight without discrimination.

Chaz Neal

Red Wing