The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of life in towns and cities around the globe. Schools, jobs, finances, agriculture, basic needs, to name just a few, have been diminished or changed.

One thing that was a bright ray of hope in Red Wing was the generosity of its businesses, churches, organizations and individuals. The Red Wing Area Food Shelf was one recipient of that generous outpouring of food and supplies, masks and financial support. We are now in an excellent position to purchase all that we need to address the food insecurity of those in our area who depend on us once a month for their groceries.

Thank you from all of our 120-plus volunteers. Life has changed, but your giving spirits have remained strong! We are grateful!!

The Food Shelf Board

Benjie Achen, Dan Bender, Dee Bender, Ken Bjornstad, Brenda Blahnik, Dave Borgen, Deb Drotos, Kathy Eichenlaub, Wendy Erickson, Sue Kelly and Peg Olson of Red Wing; and Stacey Anderson of Hager City