The United States and the world are in a very serious threat because of the COVID19 pandemic. This pandemic has occupied most of our attention. There is another very serious threat to the world which has gotten very little attention as of late. The chance of a nuclear war remains high. As the world tumbles into near chaos, we must not overlook the possibility of potential for nuclear catastrophe.

The baby boomers like myself lived much of our lives under threat of nuclear war and when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1990, we thought that threat was behind us. Sadly, it is not. The Trump administration has pulled out of most of the nuclear disarmament treaties and tensions are high with our perpetual enemies, Russia and China. Also, nothing has been settled with North Korea.

The United States is revamping its arsenal to the tune of trillions of dollars and has created tactical nuclear bombs under the assumption that they would limit the destruction. Nukes are nukes as there is no grey line. The United States has created a Space Force, another branch of the Pentagon, which has the probable outcome of escalating another arms race.

We must denuclearize before it is too late. Over 100 countries have signed a treaty to ban all nuclear weapons. The United States has not signed as the other nuclear countries have not either. Obviously, non-nuclear countries have decided that they do not want the proverbial mushroom cloud hanging over them.

Put yourself as the last person given the OK to push the button to release these horrific weapons. Could you do it knowing what you will have unleashed? Back in the 1970s, a Russian officer chose not to push the button even when there was a warning to do so. We all are still here because of his refusal. If you too could not push that button, and I am assuming that the majority of you would not be able to do it, that begs us to eliminate these weapons. Granted, some would push the button and I have serious doubts of their sanity. If you could not do it then I ask of you, of what use are these weapons? They should not exist in the first place.

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We at the Minnesota Peace Project say that nuclear weapons must be banned. Other organizations such as Veterans For Peace and Women Against Military Madness have petitions for nuclear disarmament where 26,000 Minnesotans have signed on.

I urge you to call Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith on this matter as well as members of Congress. The clock is ticking.

Bill Habedank

Red Wing