Although I had been planning on writing this letter anyway, last week's letter from Daniel Woll prompted me to do it sooner. He stated that President Trump has lied by stating "Our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but that were villains."

My sister, who is taking English composition in college, has been shocked by what her professor is having them learn. Here is a small list of the topics that the teacher provides materials on and then the students must write about: Victims of U.S. Invasions, Genocide by Sanctions, Top 10 U.S.-backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes, Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is WRONG, How the Legalization of Prostitution Could Help Women, Untold History of United States/Bush-Obama: Age of Terror and many more.

Each student must write an essay after going through the materials that answers these questions: What did you learn? What surprised you? What ideas challenged your beliefs?"

That last question shows this professor is trying to change these students’ beliefs and he is doing a good job of it because here are some statements from students: "I cannot believe there was 17 and a half pages of America invading other countries. What I don't understand is how are we still doing it? Why are we still doing it? So basically every president has been in on this and corrupt. Every president since the beginning of America has allowed this and lied to the American people about the reasons behind the invasions and the wars. I think the reason the U.S. invasions is largely hidden from the public is because a majority would disagree right?"

"For me, life is very important, that is why it is unbelievable to imagine a few 1 million people have died in the American holocaust."

If you are asking why my sister decided to stay in this class, it is to literally be the only voice of truth that these students can hear.

Paula Olivares