Tuesday the 14th of July may be a day that will live in infamy. It was on that day that Pierce County Board of Supervisors turned their backs on people present who oppose the creation of a Pierce County health czar. A prior meeting on this agenda was canceled when hundreds of people showed up to oppose this move and supposedly the electronic communication from the old sheriff's department wasn't functioning to communicate with board members meeting in the new Pierce County Law Enforcement Center.

Business owners and other citizens who came to the second meeting opposed the position of the health czar. Instead they were lectured by the board who told them to be on the ballot if they opposed an unelected official being the health czar.

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One supervisor didn't want to hear about constitutional checks to absolute power in one person.

This czar will burden the businesses and other private property owners with fines and jail times. It will encourage residents to become snitches reporting what they think or feel are violations especially with argumentative neighbors. The czar might drive around to see how many vehicles are parked in front of a property and investigate needlessly. The czar could go after you if he or she didn't like you. You all can add to this.

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Remember people or groups have the capability to become tyrants. History teaches this and so does the Democratic Party.

There is a reason why the framers divided power and put enumerated checks. The board of supervisors don't care.

Sanjeev Dhawan