I understand there is a petition circulating to make face masks mandatory in ”any place of business or commerce” in River Falls. This petition is scheduled to be brought up at the July 28 council meeting. Some of the cities in the Minneapolis-St Paul metropolitan area have already passed ordinances. Do we need a city ordinance, too? Do we?

Healthy people don’t spread COVID-19. Sick people spread COVID-19. Aren’t we already doing our best to see that symptomatic people with COVID-19 are quarantined? As I write this there has been one death in Pierce County and two in St Croix County. Doesn’t that indicate we’re doing the right things without a mandate or ordinance from the city?

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Masks for healthy people impede breathing and definitely impede exercise. They can reintroduce other viruses that normal breathing is trying to expel, lowering the resistance of the person it’s supposed to protect. Then there is the issue of keeping your face mask clean, washed, and still effective for the wearer’s health and that of the people around them.

My way of fighting COVID-19 is regular exercise, plenty of sunshine, a healthy diet, quality sleep, and a positive attitude, along with frequent hand washing. This may seem rather simplistic but, with the politicization and media mania about COVID-19, who should you ultimately trust? How about your own common sense?

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Is an ordinance of indeterminate length to be enforced with possible fines OK? Not to me. I trust most of the citizens of River Falls to do the right thing. If a business wants to require masks, so be it. If they don’t, so be it. It should be an individual choice to do business with them. You still have the freedom to wear a mask.

Gloria Gardner

River Falls