Keep local infections low; wear a mask

I am writing in response to Gloria Gardner’s letter in the July 23 issue of your paper. I find several things which I’d like to address.

First, I applaud Ms. Gardner on her healthy lifestyle, but the virus doesn’t care if you eat healthy, exercise and so forth. Many people with good lifestyle habits are infected, and wind up in the hospital and even die.

Second, she implies that only infected people showing symptoms can transmit the disease. There is lots of evidence that infected people who are asymptomatic can and do spread COVID. Third, as to wearing a mask can be unhealthy, I point out that every health care worker I’ve encountered has worn a mask. If they were unhealthy and ineffective, why would these trained professionals wear them?

Lastly leaving the wearing of masks up to individual businesses restricts the places I feel safe in shopping. That infringes my freedom to shop where I wish.

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We are so far blessed with a relatively low rate of infections in this area. Let’s keep it that way. Wear the mask.

William S. Cordua

River Falls

Please wear masks

I must respond to last week's letter from Gloria Gardner of River Falls. he stated, "Healthy people don't spread COVID-19." This is demonstrably false. It has been proven that asymptomatic transmission of the virus has occurred. That is why it is imperative that all of us wear masks when venturing out in public.

UC-Davis Health states "asymptomatic transmission may occur and has contributed to a limited amount of transmission of COVID-19 infections."

The CDC says, '"the potential for pre-symptomatic transmission underscores the importance of social distancing, including the avoidance of congregate settings, to reduce COVID-19 spread."

This is no longer a debatable point. The data is now clear. As scientists and medical professionals have accumulated and analyzed more data they have united in their plea - wear masks!

David Thompson

New Richmond