I now know from personal experience how inadequate our COVID testing is. It is not just the political talk on TV, for the testing inadequacy is true. Just recently a friend's response took 12 days, could have been 10 she was told but here was a weekend interruption.

As we all know, this is not as it should be, that the results should be 24 to 48 hours and doesn't seem there is testing after quarantine to be sure the person is now negative and can go back to work or be near loved ones! If one has a family doctor, a call to your doctor can order it, but if you have no local doctor it becomes more difficult.

In my case, being in the high-risk group, anyone close to me should have priority for testing and results. This was not the case. The reason is the laboratory used is just swamped. Is there only one lab in the area?

I learned that in Menomonie there is a drive in with 24-hour results but you have to make an appointment and that there are also other places in areas near us in Minnesota by appointment.

I read that the university is ordering 350,000 rapid COVID-19 tests for fall semester and will provide tests every other week for students living in resident halls. The tests purchased are less expensive, have a faster turnaround time than tests previously being eyed by the UW system, and a 96% accuracy. The UW System should be getting some of the machines it needs to process the $35 COVID-19 tests next week. (Falcon News Aug. 10.)

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This should make us all feel safer, but why does River Falls not have a better, faster testing system? And why do businesses not require negative proof testing before an employee goes back to work after quarantine? I have been involved directly in two cases and both times it was frustrating. The citizens in this city deserve better. What can we do and also, we need added information about sanitizing the home areas where there has been a COVID-19 case?

Barbara de Souza

River Falls