In a democracy all those eligible to vote should be able to so safely. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a problem for everyone to vote in person.

Minnesota -- the state with the highest voter turnout -- is allowing registered voters to apply for a no-excuse absentee ballot by mail or online this year. I applied online at It took about five minutes to complete the application. I received notice of acceptance by email the next day. The following week I received a ballot for the primary election.

Voting by mail should not be politicized. There is no basis for the attacks on the authenticity of mail in ballots. The verification process Minnesota uses is the same one used in Florida where the president votes. Oregon where all voting has been done by mail since 2000 has had two convictions of fraud -- .00004% of all ballots cast. Subverting the post office’s ability to handle the volume of mail created by mail in ballots should be beneath the dignity of anyone who occupies the White House.

If you want to vote by absentee ballot this year, please make your application now. Ballots for the general election will start to be sent out in September. If you are concerned about mailing your ballot, use the drop boxes provided by your local election office.

Jan Mrachek

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