I have been trying to avoid this, but it’s clear that this is needed now more than ever.

Why is it that men are incapable of respecting women on dating sites? I have been flagged down and reported several times because I asked a man if he could respect my boundaries and capable of waiting for sex.

Why is that impossible, and why is that happening here in River falls? I am asking and begging men to stop feeling so darn offended over boundaries.

Sex is a powerful thing that people love to laugh at when I tell them that we are stuck in a toxic hookup culture. What happened to boundaries? There are six common boundaries, that if you google it would list it as the fourth one, and that is because we need to have boundaries when it comes to sex.

Far too often women are forced into something they do not want, are coerced, and manipulated into a one-time thing. I am not saying women aren’t doing it, but we are not hearing it as often as a complaint from men.

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I do not want to open my messages up to be sexually harassed, but that is what I am going to have to risk. I hope that through this letter I can start an awareness group in this town. Not only are women being used as disposable sex toys, but men are being used as ATMs.

Reach me at my email, tiffany1994smales@gmail.com,

Thank you for taking the time to read this, stay safe everyone!

Tiffany Whitney

River Falls