Gov. Tony Evers, your claim that the president of The United States is not welcome in Kenosha ignores an important reality. In 2016, President Trump carried Wisconsin and won in Kenosha County. How can you argue he is not welcome when a majority of the people elected him?

Rational thought has to prevail. In my opinion, it is too simplistic to say you are responsible for the senseless acts of violence and destruction by a rioting mob -- people with free will, I assume -- even if your premature statement about the Blake case did not help de-escalate the situation. It is equally one-dimensional to claim the president condones, encourages or causes this kind of criminal behavior and must therefore be prevented from meeting with his constituents, even if his Tweets can be annoying. Where are the adults in the room?

I would have expected more from someone who officially claims “as a lifelong educator, the governor believes in bringing people together to solve the problems facing our state and putting the people of Wisconsin first”. During this difficult time, it is important you act according to your stated belief, otherwise it is pure hypocrisy.

Axel Bogdan

River Falls