I am astonished that major television networks and cable news stations must consider whether to interrupt a national political convention to correct lies being told by the speechmakers. What have we come to that it is even expected that lies will be told? Is it now acceptable to tell outright lies in a public forum that is viewed by millions of people? And, even worse, why are media sources forced to decide whether to correct those lies or just let them be spewed? Isn’t it obvious to all of us that lying is wrong?

Isn’t being honest, always telling the truth, one of the number one lessons we teach our children? Don’t we stress over and over that, no matter how tough the choice is, doing the right and honest thing is always best?

Remember how we revered the legend about George Washington and the apple tree, how he said, “I cannot tell a lie,” and how that was an example of the correct way to behave?

What have we come to as a country when honesty is no longer the required behavior, the best policy, the righteous path -- especially for our leaders? When we as citizens can no longer place trust in our leaders and our governmental institutions, all of which are supposed to serve us and have our best interests as their primary goal, democracy breaks down.

Each and every one of us must examine our consciences and our souls and ask the question: Does truth matter? I hope and pray the answer we all hear is a resounding yes. Otherwise, we are lost.

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Jill Goodrich