Our present president was elected by about 25% of the eligible voters in this country. That means to me that roughly 75% did not want this president or didn’t care. I’m not bashing our president or the Electoral College (that is a debate for another day), but I am pointing an accusatory finger at the voting public — us.

I become enraged when I think of our Founding Fathers, veterans, and soldiers of today that have given so much to ensure our right to cast a private ballot and yet so many people are apathetic toward their responsibility to vote.

We have the right and the responsibility to become informed and to vote. When I say informed, I don’t mean gather information from social media or political ads filled with partial truths and statements taken out of context, or even false statements. I mean gather information from multiple credible sources. To do anything less is to dishonor those Founding Fathers, veterans, present-day soldiers, and yes, the suffragettes.Our country seems so divided right now that I’m sure our adversaries are beaming with delight.

Once this election is over, we need to come together, and I don’t think that is going to happen unless we have a huge voter turnout so that our choice is crystal clear. There are going to be disappointed people no matter who wins. I feel it will be a bit easier for those on the losing side to “swallow” the results if a true majority of American voters has made the choice and not just a paltry minority percent.I encourage you to start thinking about how you will vote in the pandemic. If you plan on voting in person, plan on how you might vote if the pandemic becomes significantly worse, or if the weather becomes bad on Election Day. If you plan on voting absentee, make that request soon, and mail it in as early as you can. If you need that photo ID, get it soon.

We will have failed again as an electorate if we have less than an 80-90% voter turnout.Thomas Jefferson is credited for saying “An uninformed public gets the government it deserves.”

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I would offer that a lazy and apathetic public also gets the government that it deserves.

Steven E. Anderson

River Falls Township