This morning, Oct. 1, my River Falls neighbor came to show me this shocking scene, all of the Biden signs in our area, Falls and West Walnut that were on our lawns were taken from our yards! This is not the first time but never in so broad an area. In some cases, these signs had American flags beside the signs. These were left.

I have reported the other times to the police as we were told to do, but never has there been

such a clean sweep. What has happened to the friendly and neighborly town of River Falls where people feel safe and proud to live in this city? What has the election process this year, done to our ethics and morals?

Who is responsible for this affront to all that we stand for in what was the greatest democracy of the world. Where is the respect for other people's beliefs even if they are different?

The persons who are doing this are endangering their rights also. No matter what one's political party is, as Americans, we believe in the right to speak out without punishment as in countries led by an authoritarian government. This is what democracy is. And, is that now being threatened?

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Barbara de Souza, River Falls