I see, according to the paper, that the City Council voted a preliminary tax levy increase to raise our taxes 1.3%. In the words of a 16-year-old I heard in the past year or two, "How dare you."

Between the shutdown and the many restrictions in trying to reopen, the taxpayers of Red Wing are hurting mentally and financially. Now is not the time to consider raising taxes, but they should be looking at lowering them.

How do you expect the citizens of Red Wing, with reduced earnings. to pay higher taxes? As a former City Council member I am ashamed that the current council did not, at the very first budget hearing, tell the city administrator to bring them a zero increase or reduced proposed budget.

The 4% increase in the city's budget is not very responsible. To bring the city budget in line with the current situation I would like to put forth the following suggestion: Perhaps the City Council members, the city administrator, and all department heads could take a 5 to 10% reduction in pay. This in itself might bring the budget down to a zero increase.

Contact your council member and tell them not to raise your taxes.

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Dale Hoium

Red Wing