Lack of actions has unequal consequences

As our president has recently been the recipient of some top-notch health care, he is certainly in a privileged position to understand the vital impact that our health care system can achieve.

Currently, the U.S. is averaging over 40,000 COVID-positive Americans per day and the death toll is above 210,000 Americans. How many of these Americans would have loved to receive the same level of care? Literally 24-hour bedside nursing and physician care, state-of-the-art Walter Reed Medical Center reception, a helicopter ride, and no medication held back, whether it’s the standard care for COVID-19 or not -- but in addition, the experimental use of monoclonal antibody therapy.

I hope the president and all the White House staff have full and complete recoveries without long-haul effects, because they all now have a pre-existing condition.

As this administration held multiple super-spreader events, I hope it would start to model the CDC guidelines for mask wearing, contract tracing and quarantining. A compassionate leader who truly cared about his family, staff, and the American people would not find this to be difficult.

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Erica Perry


Know where candidates stand on health care

Access to affordable health care and prescription medicine is one of the most important issues in the upcoming election. If it is important to you, you need to be informed regarding the candidates’ position on health care for Wisconsin residents.

The Wisconsin organization PATH provides nonpartisan, truthful information and analysis on health care. PATH seeks to provide both facts and truth: facts regarding all aspects of health care as well as truthful conclusions about health care and health insurance based on careful research and evidence rather than on whim or party politics.

We wish to promote accountability, transparency, and accuracy among providers, insurance companies, and makers of public health care policy. We have also carefully compiled information provided by political candidates, included some questions to ask candidates about health insurance, and offered our analysis of the positions taken by candidates.

I urge you to visit our web site at or contact us at

Many individuals and organizations have distributed information that is misleading, incomplete or false. Be an informed voter this fall. Vote for candidates who support your interest regarding access to affordable health care and prescription medicine.

Glenn Potts

PATH member

River Falls

Give advanced practice registered nurses full authority

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted or halted critical mental health services in 93% of countries worldwide, while mental health demand is increasing. WHO’s Big Event for Mental Health a global online advocacy event Oct. 10, brought together world leaders, celebrities, and advocates to call for increased mental health investments in the wake of COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, countries were spending less than 2% of their national health budgets on mental health and struggling to meet their populations’ needs. One of the investments needed is full practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses. The legal authority for APRNs to practice independently is recognized; however, the ability to put that authority into practice is undermined by the historical failure of political entities to recognize APRNs as providers capable of providing care autonomously.

In 2016, researchers Yox & Stanik-Hutt produced a study reflecting APRNs producing patient outcomes similar to physicians’ care, and in some instances, better care than physicians.

Now more than ever is the time to increase comprehensive access to health care because good mental health is fundamental to overall health and well-being.

I challenge Senator Johnson, Senator Baldwin, and Rep. Sensenbrenner to help see through full practice ability for advanced practice registered nurses to accommodate patient needs.

Laurel Anderson

River Falls