Please, folks, obey the yield and stop signs. At 3:05 p.m. I witnessed a white SUV going full speed toward a yield sign as a Greenwood School bus was traveling west on Sept. 9. They both came to a screening half. Thankfully, they didn’t crash.

Please, folks, put your lights on during cloudy, dreary foggy mornings. On Sept. 10, I didn't’ see the road-color vehicle coming through the road construction at 70 mph on Highway 65 and Division Street. So I pulled into the road -- whoa … .

Please, folks, slow down. One a 25 mph speed limit on Second Street in River Falls, I was almost rear-ended three times in one week trying to turn at an intersection or into business. Quit tailgating and get off your phone. Pay attention while driving.

Rita Marrinan

River Falls