We pay government bills through our taxes

A few centuries ago our government was formed, and to make things work, it needed tax money. Everyone was expected to pay something – rich or poor, able or not. That’s life. It wasn’t then, and isn’t now, always easy to do, but it’s necessary for the country to operate.

It has always been the average person’s tax obligation that keeps the government funded. In return for the taxation, citizens have the right and duty every two to four years to elect leaders to manage their government. We put our trust and faith in them that they will do it well and with our best interests in mind. Some do a very good job, but others act with self-serving motivations. A sense of decency and integrity is what we expect, but too often we are short changed.

I’ve had a habit over my many years of clipping articles from newspapers. A letter to the editor that I saved from this newspaper after the 2016 election is especially relevant today. The writer thanked President Barack Obama for his honorable and respectable service. I saved it because I felt the same way and wondered what the next four years would bring.

Now we know. We have a Congress that has forgotten how to work together and a good share that doesn’t want to – even though that is their job.

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When a law is good for the average person, it is more difficult to pass. We should remember when we vote that we are paying the bills through our taxes. It is our country and we need leaders that will guide us safely and wisely through this pandemic and beyond.

Lorraine J. Olson

Red Wing

Fall Festival flourishes with your support

The board and staff of Red Wing Arts would like to thank the many businesses, individuals, nonprofits and particularly the city of Red Wing for their support of an in-person Red Wing Arts Fall Festival. The town was ALIVE with people in our stores, parks, and restaurants. Thanks to the support and trust of the community, the in-person 54th Red Wing Arts Fall Festival was a success.

Fify-four years of planning and refinement produced the quality fine arts festival for which we are known and loved. Although this year was a hybrid of our years past, what was encountered was a high quality juried art festival. We reduced the event size and number of artists while spreading the event to multiple locations to ensure the safety of our community. Everyone wore masks and practiced social distancing.

Without our volunteers, we could not make this happen.

The Red Wing Arts Fall Festival represents our commitment to community, creativity, collaboration, and integrity.

The festival is a great opportunity to hear how much people enjoy visiting Red Wing, particularly in our glorious fall season. We’re already making plans for the 55th annual Fall Festival and look forward to another great event with the support of the city and our community.

Emily Guida Foos

Red Wing

Red Wing Arts executive director