Dear Goodhue County community members,

Our communities have seen a rapid rise in individuals testing positive for COVID-19. During this unprecedented time, we remain deeply committed to the health and well-being of our residents, employees, and communities. We need everyone to continue to take the fight against COVID-19 seriously. Together we can do our part to help slow the spread in our community.

Goodhue County COVID positivity rate

As of Nov. 11, 2020, we have reached over 1,000 positive COVID-19 cases in Goodhue County. Goodhue County also currently has a COVID positivity rate of greater than 5%. This means the virus is spreading rapidly in our community. The positivity rate shows the percent of COVID-19 tests that were positive in Goodhue County residents over the last two weeks of data collection.

COVID positivity rates in Goodhue County have steadily increased in the past few weeks:

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  • The week of Oct. 4-10: 2.6%

  • The week of Oct. 11-17: 4.4%

  • The week of Oct. 18-24: 6.7%

Seniors and long-term care facilities

Higher rates of virus transmission in the community increase the risk for all members of our community, but especially for those at high risk for severe illness and death. Our seniors living in our community and in long-term care facilities are among our most vulnerable. Despite the aggressive action to limit infections taken by LTC facilities, as cases in our community continue to rise the residents and staff in these facilities are put at serious risk. Goodhue County commissioners urge you to help protect our most vulnerable community members.

Goodhue County Board Chair Paul Drotos shared his support for healing and emphasized the importance of community vigilance and mitigation strategies:

“In the days and weeks ahead, we expect to see the number of cases continue to climb even higher. Goodhue County is fortunate to have strong and knowledgeable teams of experts in the medical field, public health sector and emergency preparedness working together. We appreciate the caring and vigilant community members who help to keep our residents safe and healthy,” said Commissioner Drotos. “All of us need to continue to work together on slowing the spread of COVID-19. Not only does our public health depend on it, but our economy does, too.”

(Mayo Clinic News Network photo)
(Mayo Clinic News Network photo)

Reducing community spread is critical

Reducing community spread is critical for successfully preventing COVID-19 infections and deaths in LTC facilities and throughout our county. We need you to help protect Goodhue County and reduce community spread.

The most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus are to limit in-person gatherings, wash hands, stay at least six feet away from others, and to wear a face mask every time you are around people from outside your household.


Linda Flanders

Red Wing

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Cannon Falls

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Jason Majerus


Commissioner District 4

Paul Drotos

Red Wing

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Stephen O'Keefe

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Goodhue County attorney

Marty Kelly

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Scott Arneson

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Goodhue County administrator