Continue keeping elections free, fair

As League of Women Voters members, we know our difficult history of voting too well. It seems apt that the centennial year of white women gaining the right to vote coincides with a difficult election held during a pandemic with a highly polarized electorate. It has never been easy to hold free and fair elections. It is something we strive for and must protect.

We congratulate our local election officials and thank all the election judges on the successful Nov. 3 election. We again voted in record numbers in Minnesota, leading the nation in voter turnout. Thousands of us voted absentee and our ballots were tracked, counted, and reported. The election results are certified (as of Nov. 24th) and the winners are known.

Congratulations must also go to Secretary of State Steve Simon and his office who worked tirelessly to prepare for this election in very difficult circumstances. He communicated clearly and answered questions from voters like us.

Thank you to all who participated in our democracy by running for office, volunteering on campaigns, and working to educate voters -- especially our forum cosponsors Prairie Island Indian Community and Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce. Most importantly, thanks to each and every voter.

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Now let's continue our work to make and keep elections free and fair, and make every vote count.

Tina Langton & Zoe Malinchoc

Red Wing

League of Women Voters-Red Wing co-presidents

Global invasive gardener

A Global Garden consists of several plants. One plant will discredit a country's media. Another plant will discredit the country’s judicial system. Plants to discredit law enforcement, military leadership, politicians, elections, and plants to cause unrest throughout the targeted country by growth in the philosophy of divide and conquer. The Gardener’s main objective is to spend years developing ‘ONE PLANT’ that can do it all by proper placement for growth and the ability to spread its invasiveness.

Tony R Huppert

Spring Valley