We need each other in tumult and in tranquility

Tumult is a good word to describe the violent agitation of mind or feelings that summarizes 2020.

Fortunately, in the shortest and darkest days of the year, the human spirit rallies around the ancient words of Christmas Carols: “Joy to the World,” “Peace on Earth,” and “Good Will Toward Men.” These words are all some of my favorite expressions of hope.

I understand that we have been living through dark days filled with rancor and disease. Our souls have been plagued by separation and sometimes despair. For all of our great wealth, great poverty persists.

But, when we turn away from the mirror of ourselves, we can see through the window of hope. Sunbeams and moonbeams of generosity and compassion are everywhere to be found.

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Food shelves are working hard, kindness is happening, and the weavers of safety nets have never saved so many people in need of help.

As we look forward to the New Year, I hope we can remember that we are all in this world together. We eat, we drink, and we breathe it all in together. Our civility may be tested, but our humanity is certain. We need each other in tumult and in tranquility. We need joy to the world, peace on earth, and goodwill toward men.

Afterall, those are the things that make us the most human.

Merry Christmas,

Paul Drotos

Red Wing

Why is President Trump stalling?

Continuing to outright lie and insist that President-elect Biden won the election only because of fraud; calling Republican-chosen judges unfit; declaring Republican governors morons -- Is Trump mentally ill or is he very cleverly stalling to raise money?

CBS News reports he has raised in excess of $208 million since he lost the election. Because he was losing in the polls, Trump’s TV ads alone, still-unpaid on Election Day, were run up to approximately $160 million.

  • “... his campaign website is begging supporters to give to his election defense fund’ with a meaningless pitch: "Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR and you can increase your impact by 1000%!"

  • “Despite the rhetoric on the website, … the fine print states the vast majority of donations are not going toward funding Trump's litigation to overturn the election …” but rather 75% ... “to his newly created leadership PAC, Save America.”

Leadership PACs historically have ultimately and fraudulently been used in any way a candidate chooses. Trump’s supporters are basically giving him a blank check to spend on golf, on his kids, or in any way he chooses.

From CBS: “A grand jury is conducting an investigation and will eventually determine whether charges are warranted,” in New York against Trump, for tax evasion, mortgage and insurance fraud, and other corruption.

With attorney fees at the nation’s biggest law firms, in excess of $1,500 per hour (Wisconsin State Journal), Trump must continue to stall and to lie to raise money, dragging this country, which he claims to love, through continued anguish, for his own personal intentions.

To those still harboring doubt about the integrity of the election, keep in mind, Trump’s own cyber security director stated, “This election was not only honest and legal, it was the first ever to have a 95% verifiable paper trail.” He was immediately fired by Trump for daring to state the truth.

Roseanne Olsen

River Falls

COVID irony?

Will it be irony or hypocrisy, that those who currently deny the efficacy and the science behind the use of a mask and social distancing to slow the spread of the CV-19 virus, will be the same ones who embrace the science that developed the vaccine?

Bill Coggio

Troy Township