Good news for every citizen of Red Wing!

The Red Wing Public Library board is pleased to announce that beginning Jan. 1, 2021, our library will no longer charge fines for overdue materials and any current fines will be wiped from your account. Fines have already been lifted during the pandemic, but this new policy will make that practice permanent.

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The change is being made in keeping with one of the library's core values, which is to provide access to all. We hope this new policy will encourage prior users to return to the library as well as attract new users to experience our offerings. Our community is stronger when people have access to the materials, programs, and services they need and desire, to pursue their educational, career, family, and life goals, without restrictions based on overdue fines.

Red Wing Public Library joins several libraries statewide that have already adopted this policy. Research has shown that fines have never encouraged prompt return of materials, but rather, have created barriers to library access. Nor do fines account for any significant portion of the library budget. Fine free libraries have reported large increases in circulation and library use and some libraries experienced surprising increases in overdue book returns. Patrons will still be responsible to pay for items that are lost and never returned.

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We encourage everyone to explore the many materials and services available to the community from the Red Wing Public Library.

Let’s turn a page and leave 2020 behind. On the first day of 2021 your library late fines will disappear never to return —- and that is good news for everyone!

Members of the Red Wing Public Library Board

Dawn Erickson, president

Susan Richardson, vice president

Benjie Achen, secretary

Jessica Anderson

Erin Augustin

Anna Bechtold

Judie Bowes

Thomas Day

Sheena Tisland

Laurel Stinson, City Council liaison