Why is President Trump stalling?

Continuing to outright lie and insist that President-elect Biden won the election only because of fraud; calling Republican-chosen judges unfit; declaring Republican governors morons -- Is Trump mentally ill or is he very cleverly stalling to raise money?

CBS News reports he has raised in excess of $208 million since he lost the election. Because he was losing in the polls, Trump’s TV ads alone, still-unpaid on Election Day, were run up to approximately $160 million.

  • “... his campaign website is begging supporters to give to his election defense fund’ with a meaningless pitch: "Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR and you can increase your impact by 1000%!"

  • “Despite the rhetoric on the website, … the fine print states the vast majority of donations are not going toward funding Trump's litigation to overturn the election …” but rather 75% ... “to his newly created leadership PAC, Save America.”

Leadership PACs historically have ultimately and fraudulently been used in any way a candidate chooses. Trump’s supporters are basically giving him a blank check to spend on golf, on his kids, or in any way he chooses.

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From CBS: “A grand jury is conducting an investigation and will eventually determine whether charges are warranted,” in New York against Trump, for tax evasion, mortgage and insurance fraud, and other corruption.

With attorney fees at the nation’s biggest law firms, in excess of $1,500 per hour (Wisconsin State Journal), Trump must continue to stall and to lie to raise money, dragging this country, which he claims to love, through continued anguish, for his own personal intentions.

To those still harboring doubt about the integrity of the election, keep in mind, Trump’s own cyber security director stated, “This election was not only honest and legal, it was the first ever to have a 95% verifiable paper trail.” He was immediately fired by Trump for daring to state the truth.

Roseanne Olsen

River Falls

COVID irony?

Will it be irony or hypocrisy, that those who currently deny the efficacy and the science behind the use of a mask and social distancing to slow the spread of the CV-19 virus, will be the same ones who embrace the science that developed the vaccine?

Bill Coggio

Troy Township

Tom Tiffany should be ashamed

Congressperson Tom Tiffany’s support of the Texas lawsuit against Wisconsin is a disgrace. His Republican colleagues failed to join him, making him the only Wisconsin congressperson to support the lawsuit. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, himself the current subject of a bribery investigation, targeted Wisconsin by alleging election fraud.

Let me address this insult in Main Street terms. We live in River Falls. No one is messing with our drop box. Our city officials and voting volunteers don’t cheat. Just the opposite. They’re doing a great job at risk to their own health.

“Oh,” you say, “it’s not our volunteers and officials. It’s those others.”

“What others? Baldwin? Somerset?”

“Oh no! Not them.”

“Then who?”

“Milwaukee, Madison.”

There you have it. We’re honest, but those “others” — people who don’t look like us, people we don’t know — they cheat. No one is accusing any local officials or volunteers. All the wrongdoing is going on in places like Milwaukee, goes the thinking.

It’s the ugly truth no one wants to talk about. Judging people we don’t know on nothing other than the fact that they seem different and some know-it-alls say they cheat. Those know-it-alls are the same people who told you that COVID was no worse than the flu and it would end the day after the election.

The truth is that if there was any cheating in Milwaukee it was a failure to allow adequate voting facilities forcing voters to stand in long lines while we scooted down to our cozy municipal buildings and finished in minutes. How many of us would have waited in long lines to vote?

There was no cheating. Not here, not in Milwaukee. Texas needs to butt out. This is our state. It’s an embarrassment that we have a congressperson who doesn’t know what side he’s on. Tiffany, shame on you for joining in a Texas lawsuit to sue Wisconsin.

Dan Woll and Beth Shockey-Woll

River Falls

Tom Tiffany is wrong

Rep. Tom Tiffany is the only Wisconsin House member to support the lawsuit, filed by Texas, that would overthrow election results in our state. There is no evidence of voter fraud and the election has been certified, but somehow Mr. Tiffany seems to think that Democrats are not “true” Americans, that only Republicans should determine how this country is governed. He needs to think again, because plenty of his constituents aren’t Republicans and don’t agree with him.

Diane Stannard