What happened the 6th of Jan, 2021, will go down in history, an invasion of the seat of our democracy, an attempted coup! This will enter the history books and will not be erase.

In disbelief and horror, we watched, violence and irrationality take over. This belief in lies and the absence of the belief in facts will be discussed in the years to come. Yes, it happened, we saw it.

But as to what will happen now, will depend on us.

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We, the people, can still have a role in what history will record. We can save our democracy, which has been an example to the world! We must come "together, both sides" and talk; we must understand the "other side."

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Why was it so easy to accept falsehoods among knowledgeable people? Was it TV reporting these falsehoods? Was it our inability to talk to one another? Why, when the facts are so plain and provable, do the untruths win out to the point that thousands of people would take such a risk as to storm the White House?

What we do now will be recorded in the history books. It will write as to how we reacted to this violent attempt to destroy our democratic election process.

I believe that it has to start first in our communities, in city groups, in churches and libraries, or social movements; that it should not be political. It should be welcoming to all so we can listen to the thoughts of others as to the differences, complaints of each person. And it must be done in respect and concern for those present.

We need to care for each other. It needs to start locally! We need to remember, we all want the same thing, even those who threatened our country's democracy, invading the White House. It will be more difficult because of the seriousness of the spread of COVID, but ways can be found to follow the safety rules.

We want all of our children to have equal education, equal health care, secure jobs with fair salaries. We want justice for all. As long as one part of our society, for whatever reason, is not treated equally; as long as there are racial, sexual or cultural disparities, we are open to the same dissatisfaction which resulted in what we saw on the 6th of January, 2021, one of the saddest days in our history. The time has come!

Barb de Souza

River Falls