Wow, what a year! We would appreciate all the people who’ve donated to the Red Wing Area Food Shelf. The donations have helped provide food to hundreds of households during this exceptional time of economic and food uncertainty.

The donations have included money, masks, food-both homegrown produce and purchased, knit hats, Girl Scout cookies, and venison. Several local restaurants donated food from their stock when they were shut down. The donations were received from individuals-adults and children, civic groups, businesses, churches and service clubs.

In addition, many people contacted the food shelf asking what they could do to help. We have trained several new volunteers. Employee groups and civic groups have helped with special projects at the food shelf.

While the food shelf has always been well supported by the community, it is heartwarming to see the extra generous response during the pandemic and time of extra need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Our annual meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Jan. 18, 2021. It is anticipated that we will meet by Zoom. Please let us know, call Peggy Olson at 651-301-1000, if you would like the zoom invite.

The Red Wing Area Food Shelf Board of Directors:

Stacey Anderson, Benjie Achen, Dan Bender, Dee Bender, Ken Bjornstad, Brenda Blahnik, Dave Borgen, Deb Drotos, Kathy Eichenlaub, Wendy Erickson, Sue Kelly, and Peggy Olson — Red Wing