This is to thank the thoughtful hunter who deposited the butchered remnants of a deer on our property: a pile of bones, some bits of hide, and four neatly severed legs. We know this because our two dogs have been bringing these remains into our yard and house for a month now. What’s especially wonderful is to wake up and find one of the dogs puking up small bits of bone at 3 in the morning.

This, of course, means that you have done your fellow hunters a great service, as from now on, only family hunts here.

But I really wish you’d left an address with your refuse. Maybe you’re the same person who dropped off a couch, or a set of tires, or numerous beer cans over the years. We’d like your address so we can reciprocate when we butcher here in the fall.

Just now, we have, actually, lots of Christmas trash, not to mention a clothes dryer, a tractor tire, and some cow manure. The latter is organic: what did you expect?

Paul Schaefer

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Hager City