Misinformation poisons public discourse

I’d like to respond directly to a letter written and published in the Dec. 31 issue of the Star-Observer by New Richmond resident Thomas Wulf.

With exactly zero proof, Mr. Wulf continues to parrot ridiculous and baseless talking points about voter fraud in the 2020 election. To date, Donald Trump and his allies have filed more than 60 cases in courts around the country alleging the same things Mr. Wulf says in his letter.

Officially, to date, Trump and his cronies have not won a single one of those lawsuits, nor have they provided one shred of actual, verifiable evidence of voter fraud … only ridiculous conspiracy theories that have been proven so time and again. Trump’s legal team has been laughed out of court by Trump-appointed judges.

Trump has been alleging voter fraud since before his election victory in 2016, yet the only verifiable, provable cases of fraud taking place are by Trump supporters. Dozens of Trump allies, including Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R-GA) as well as Trump's own hand-picked chief of election security, Chris Krebs, have said this election was the safest and "most secure in American history." I’ll take their words over that of Mr. Wulf’s.

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Mr. Wulf’s accusations are especially disappointing, since radicals and our very own group of local “patriots” look the other way when actual voter and election fraud happens right in their own backyards. Rep. Shannon Zimmerman just won another term in the Wisconsin Assembly representing the 30th District, even though he apparently doesn’t live inside district boundaries. Zimmerman also votes using an address he doesn’t actually live at, according to a complaint before the Wisconsin Election Commission.

But you won’t hear Mr. Wulf mention anything about that because there is an (R) next to Zimmerman’s name on the ballot.

Mr. Wulf, until you have actual proof of voter fraud, please log off the Twitter feeds of Trump and his enablers, including our very own Congressman Tom Tiffany. The lies and misinformation are poisoning our public discourse and you’re wasting useful column inches.

Dan Myers

Somerset, Wis.

Johnson not thinking about nation

Every day, millions of Americans get out of bed and roll out the door to serve their country in a myriad of ways.

Wisconsin’s senator Ron Johnson is not one of them.

While some Americans risk their lives on the COVID-19 frontlines in emergency rooms or walk the streets to offer food to the homeless or fight fires or rescue abandoned animals, Johnson is otherwise occupied. He doesn’t have time to help America and Americans, because is too busy propping up the delusions of the grifter who recently lost the presidential election.

His efforts are subversive of our tradition of electoral fairness and accountability, and are helping the current president undermine the potential for President-elect Joe Biden to govern fairly and effectively.

Last month, Johnson chaired a hearing to give the current president’s unhappy supporters free air time to vent their frustrations that Democrats had out-worked, out-organized, and finally out-voted the incumbent, paving the way for America to return to sanity. Johnson’s hand-picked witnesses put forth debunked theories about election fraud, lies that had also been promulgated in over 50 lawsuits across the country — and soundly rejected by judges for lack of evidence or withdrawn by the litigants in the nation’s courts, including the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.

This week, Johnson has signed on to an effort to discount electoral college votes from battlefield states that helped to defeat the incumbent president. The failure of this effort is pre-ordained, but it will certainly keep the senator’s name in the headlines.

As we enter a new year in which our nation’s health and the health of its economy are being tested as never before, those Americans who are working every day to make our country a better place must be wondering, “What is Ron Johnson thinking?”

Roald Evensen

River Falls

False claims fall flat, fortunately

In 2016, Donald Trump said the election was going to be rigged, yet he won the presidency. His win was tarnished, however, because Hillary Clinton received 3 million more votes.

Trump felt victimized, certain that millions of people had cast fraudulent ballots, so in May 2017 he established a commission to study the matter. By January 2018, the commission no longer existed since members could find no evidence to substantiate the claim.

This fall Trump again claimed there would be voter fraud and a rigged election. Since losing, he has expected the courts to accept his word, but fortunately the judicial system relies on facts and proof, neither of which he has been able to produce.

Why do so many Republicans believe this election was “stolen?” Do they believe only Republicans should be allowed to govern, that only their votes are legitimate?

This is NOT patriotism.

Diane Stannard


Tiffany must go

We have a real problem with our U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany. For those who haven’t heard, he signed a seditious letter, supporting a Texas lawsuit which, if it had succeeded (it did not), would have thrown out the legitimate votes of the people of Wisconsin!

At the very least, Mr. Tiffany has broken faith with the voters of Wisconsin who put him in office. Let’s be clear, people. At best, he signed a letter agreeing to sue to have your votes thrown out. At worst, by signing this letter, he violated his oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

He should be recalled immediately. The voters of Wisconsin need to hold this man accountable for his actions.

Lori Kisling