Knowing what we know about climate change, there is no honor in expanding Line 3.

Enbridge's Line 3 expansion is a massive new oil pipeline being built through the heart of northern Minnesota. If completed, the pipeline would pump 760,000 barrels per day of tar sands sludge, and require so much electricity to pump that Enbridge would be the state's largest power consumer.

Projects like Line 3 are directly linked to violence against Native girls and women, as Enbridge has said: "The addition of a temporary, cash-rich workforce increases the likelihood that sex trafficking or sexual abuse will occur."

Line 3 could impact 220-plus bodies of water including the Mississippi River. It would threaten hundreds of miles of treaty-protected land that communities depend on for drinking water and wild rice. Enbridge’s own data reveals over 1,000 spills between 1996 and 2014. All pipelines spill.

To Gov. Tim Walz and President Joe Biden: Any climate plan that allows Line 3 is nothing to be proud of, and takes us backwards on climate action. After five years of resistance in the public process, the Minnesota Department of Commerce declared there is no need for this project, yet final permits were given. Rather than take action to respect our climate, water, and Native treaties, the Walz administration chose to stay silent.

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I call on our elected officials to stand up for climate justice and stop Line 3 construction. Valid legal appeals haven't even had their day in court. Why should we allow this to be built, when the impacts and risks are so severe? Why not build the clean energy economy that we need to support a livable future?

Kristen Anderson

Red Wing