Under the guise of “social justice" our ill-conceived Advisory Commission has conned our City Council into challenging the police department here in Red Wing. Working behind the scenes, advisory members have bad-mouthed our dedicated policemen and seek to micromanage police affairs.

Roger Pohlman is a true public servant and a great police chief, always fair and honest in his dealings with everyone. He deserves our wholehearted support.

I hope that everyone who agrees with me will tell their City Council person that.law and order are the police chief's job and Roger Pohlman is doing it the way it should be done.

Barb Betcher

Red Wing

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City Council puts public safety at risk

Make no mistake. The safety of every Red Wing resident has been put in jeopardy by the City Council’s unfounded, outrageous, and politically motivated decision to remove Roger Pohlman from his position as police chief. There is no finer law enforcement officer here in Minnesota, or anywhere in America, than Roger Pohlman.

Let us be clear. There are elected and appointed officials here in Red Wing who need to be fired for the good of our community. They do not include Roger Pohlman. Stay tuned.

Tom & Jane Drazkowski

Jean Miller

Gene & Sarah Grave

Tom & Anne Wilder

Joe Engesser

Ron McCarthy

Becky Kirtz

Judy Johnson

Jan Langhas

Vic & Sheryl Voth

Daryl & AnnMarie Duden

Jennifer Lohman

Michael Harris

Dodie Harris

Kristianna Harris

Franz Harris

Steve & Gayle Lamke

Linden Pfeifle

Pat Valtakis

George & Rose Hintz

John & Sue Guerber

Stephanie Gengel (Elsen)

Peggy Rehder

Beth Breeden

Red Wing