It is a tradition in Goodhue for the local high school junior parents to put on an alcohol-and-drug-free party following graduation to provide a safe means of celebration for all seniors. Activities, games, food and prizes are all part of the experience. This is organized and run through countless volunteers throughout the year.

It is time to make plans and gather contributions for the celebration for our graduating class of 2021. The all-night graduation party will be June 6 in our school gym.

Although we do raise money with a raffle and a nominally priced ticket that each senior pays to attend, there is still a large need for cash or gift donations. This is especially true this year as many families may be experiencing hardships due to COVID-19.

Cash donations are much appreciated as they are used to buy prizes that a senior leaving home would benefit from. These prizes will be awarded throughout the night to make it a night to remember for all the graduates.

To donate, please call 507-481-4489.

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We, as parents, thank you for your continued support in making this safe and enjoyable night for the senior class.

Melissa Rasmussen


On behalf of the junior class parents.