Well over 1,000 people are still dying from COVID every day, but I would ignore that and take the advice of a naturopathic physician. Someone who is not licensed as a medical doctor but does believe in treatments such as homeopathy, rolfing and iridology, practices which are widely considered pseudoscience, as does Ms. Niccum in last week's paper.

When a tornado is bearing down on my home, I don’t get “hysterical,” go down to the basement, and turn on the radio to see what experts say. I consult with my cat, whom I swear is a medium to greater knowledge and I abide by her sage advice. (Which oddly enough is usually either feed me or pet me).

Nobody likes wearing a mask. Donning a mask is only “virtue signaling” in the minds of those who do not believe in facts. For the rest of us, it’s a safe and really easy action to protect ourselves and our neighbors. If we want to open our schools, bars, and restaurants; be smart, follow the science; wear a mask, keep your distance, and be careful. Maybe then we can start to resume our normal lives this summer.

Michael Schendel, Hudson

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