I am very disturbed by misinformation being shared by the Recall City Hall group. I have done some research and would like to share some facts.

At-will employees can be dismissed with no notice. The public is not entitled to input regarding the employment of at-will government employees. Some citizens in our community are confusing the chief of police, who is an at-will employee, with the county sheriff, who is an elected official.

Personnel issues must be discussed in closed session due to data privacy. We have elected the members of the current council because we have faith in their ability to take information and make solid decisions that benefit our community. I trust the council to have the big picture in mind. I believe the council did its due diligence and made an informed decision to let Roger Pohlman go. The vote was 6-1. That is an overwhelming majority.

I support and appreciate our City Council. Roger Pohlman has already found another job. It is time to move on and allow the council to focus on important issues like affordable housing, poverty, economic recovery from the pandemic, food scarcity, and social justice.

Terese Bjornstad

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Red Wing