Mike Wilson, I read your column (March 5, 2021) and found your comments to be uninformed and divisive. Let’s address your recurrent themes -- due process and why you weren’t allowed to speak on this.

You don’t explain that the chief is an at-will officer of the council; you don’t clarify the first session was closed on a personnel manner, the employee was notified ahead of time and chose not to have it open; the second closed session was due to attorney client privilege and could harm the city you’re supposedly advocating for.

Did you do your homework or would you prefer to perpetuate this misinformation? Is that in the best interest of the city you are a leader of?

From my perspective, it looks like you are allowing others to influence you. State Rep. Barb Haley has no business interfering with local government. She resides in Wacouta, not Red Wing. She shouldn’t be trying to impose her will on our City Council when she doesn’t have all the information for the job we have entrusted them to do. Her influence is exactly political, not about job performance.

I recall when you were running for mayor. You stated there is only racism in Red Wing if you look for it. That comment will burn in my memory forever. In a March 6 email to you, I challenged you to get out of your comfort zone and call upon people of color who reside in this community and ask them if they think racism exists. You might hear that people of color who are just going about their daily routine are called names, white people who have BLM stickers in their car are being chased down streets, etc.

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What will it take for you to believe racism/white privilege exist? You say you’ve heard from many they’ve lost faith in the council. Well, I have no faith in someone stirring the pot for their own agenda.

Your video/mic are off during council meetings. Why?

Show up for the people.

Ruth Hutchinson

Red Wing