Can’t we work together?

The Wisconsin Republican-controlled Legislature is doing its best to discredit Gov. Tony Evers.

Wisconsin has been in a COVID-19 health crisis since February and with every passing day it is getting much worse.

Evers has proposed that Wisconsinites wear masks, social distance, and limit inside public gatherings in order to prevent spreading the virus and to save lives.

Instead of working with our governor to keep people safe, the Republicans insist on taking his actions to court. Apparently they prefer to see the people of Wisconsin get sick and die.

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It is time all of us to do our part to protect ourselves against COVID-19. Let’s work with Tony Evers to make our state safe again which will also help the economy.

Faye Schlemmer


VA gift shop effort changes

The Veterans Christmas gift shop for the Minneapolis VA will be changed this year. As we are not allowed contact with patients we will be looking for gift cards.

Freeman Drug for many years has allowed usage of their window and now will have a box to place your gift cards or monetary donations until Dec. 1. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Jeanne Williams

River Falls

Jeanne Williams of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 121 is the associated representative from Wisconsin to the VA in Minneapolis.

Refuse to succumb to fascism

Fair Trade Books has joined a wave of independent bookstores from throughout the country (under the banner of participating in post election day resistance to the Trump campaign’s attempts to steal the election. Immediately, on Nov 4, the Trump campaign will unleash dubious legal challenges in key swing states in a concerted effort to halt the complete counting of ballots. This will occur unless Joe Biden accumulated an insurmountable lead on Election Day itself (this letter is being written Nov 2). These legal attacks will be fought out in state courts and will wind up in the Supreme Court if rulings don’t go Trump’s way.

The 2000 election was decided by the Supreme Court when it overturned the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling that a complete recount be held -- resulting in the “election” of George W. Bush. Later examination demonstrated conclusively that Al Gore would have won the Florida recount (he had also won the national popular vote) and become president.

New Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, in an obvious quid pro quo, was rammed through a Senate confirmation and sworn in before Election Day 2020. Any doubts about her intentions were dramatically dispelled when she refused to say whether a sitting president could pardon himself! A president pardon himself? Even Richard Nixon knew that would be unconstitutional (as does any high school civics teacher).

One way or another we, the people, must see to it that this election is decided in the “court of public opinion.” If this cannot be accomplished simply by counting all the votes then we must be counted in the streets. With this in mind, you are invited to join other concerned citizens at a rally at 6 p.m. today in Minneapolis: See Facebook -- Day after elections: National Day of Protest for a People's Mandate 301 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454-1030, United States

Then, for action updates in coming days, follow Facebook: Fair Trade Books

Rick Malinlchoc-DeVoe

Red Wing

Someday China will be free

Nov. 9 marks the 31st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Growing up in China, I had my own experience with communism and the walls it builds.

I came to the United States in the summer of 1998. While doing research online for my professor, I came across a public letter written by a mom who lost her high school son at the Tiananmen Square massacre. I instantly recognized her story as the truth and I was moved to tears. At that moment I realized that I had been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party my entire life. I also realized that I could never go back to China. The wall in my heart built by the CCP collapsed.

Growing up, I was always a good and obedient student. I accepted everything I was told by my teachers and I believed what I learned from state media. I didn't know I was getting incomplete or even intentionally distorted information. I thought Chairman Mao led the party to victory against the Japanese invasion because that was what I learned in history class. I thought the Cultural Revolution was initiated by a few bad people who managed to gain power while overall, the communist party was innocent. I thought that no students got hurt on June 4 and that it was liberation army soldiers who were killed by violent gangsters. I believed it was so fortunate that the democracy movement was cracked down on so quickly.

People in the free world may wonder how the Chinese can live under the communist party's rule with so many tragedies and campaigns of persecution. The answer is simple: Information control. Through state-controlled media, propaganda learned in schools and the "Great Firewall" internet barrier coupled with the threat of violence, the CCP has successfully built walls of fear in people's hearts. People then blindly follow along to protect themselves and lose their concern for others.

As a victim of CCP myself, I am hoping to see all of the walls created by communism to someday come down. I know that once all Chinese understand the truth, they will choose a brighter future for themselves and their children. There is a day coming that will be celebrated as the end of communism in China.

Joy Zhao


Work together to get back to normal

Your article about the “Surge in cases overwhelms Pierce County contact tracing” should be shared by anyone who wants to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Like most people I talk with, I would like to get back to something near normal. I would like to go to a restaurant, have a beer in the local brewhouse, share some time just visiting with friends over the kitchen table.

None of this will be possible until we all work together to get this pandemic under control. This may require a shutdown for a few weeks, but it will absolutely demand that we wear masks, observe social distances, get tested if we feel ill and help trace all our contacts if we or someone we know tests positive.

The article is well written, gives clear direction on how to stop the spread of this nasty, tricky disease that is injuring and killing thousands of Americans every week.

Thank you for helping us defend ourselves.

Chuck Rang

New Richmond