University of Wisconsin Head Football Coach Bret Bielema says his Badgers didn't always give 100 percent in their 27-25 loss at Michigan last Saturday.

He gave two examples to reporters Monday, a slant pass late in the game that Michigan intercepted and returned for a touchdown and a missed opportunity to block an extra point.

Some reporters wondered if the Badgers had a lack of depth on defense, as Michigan came back from a 19-0 halftime deficit. Bielema says he has decent depth at some, but not all spots.

The 18th-ranked Badgers will host No. 12 Ohio State on Saturday night.

Beckum considered for award

Wisconsin tight end Travis Beckum is one of 30 seniors being considered for the Lowe's Senior Class Award.

It recognizes top-performing players who stay in college to get their degrees.

The award began in basketball in 2001, in response to a growing trend in which underclassmen were leaving early for the NBA.

The award has since extended to six sports. It's being offered in football for the first time this year.

Former Badger Alando Tucker won the Senior Class Award in men's basketball about a year and a-half ago.