Some new head coaches have to build a foundation.

Others inherit the penthouse suite.

Chad Steldt will be the first new head coach for Ellsworth High Scholl wrestling team in 36 years and as the just the third head coach in the program's history, the fact he follows two hall of fame coaches shows the kind of program he's now in charge of.

Add the facts of Jack Radabaugh stepping down to an assistant's role after leading the Panthers to their fifth state championship and eight returning starters return for this upcoming season, including state champions Jens Lantz, Roarke Langer and state runner-up Parker Hines, and it also means Steldt will be starting out with a little more pressure than your average first year head coach. But it's nothing he doesn't welcome.

"It's nothing I shy away from," Steldt, who has been an assistant in the program for several seasons before moving into the hetman role, said. "It motivates me and it motivates the kids every day. We don't want complacency, we want championships. I sure a lot of people will be watching to see if we can repeat and how well we do in this new situation but what they'll see is a program that is continuing to move ahead."

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