The Hastings Nordic ski teams competed last week in what must have been one very memorable race. The top three racers in each grade level, after all, each won cookies. There was a huge cookie for first place, a medium sized cookie for second and a smaller cookie for third.

One Hastings skier came home with a baked good. Sarah Peterson, a junior, placed third.

"That was really exciting," coach John Dewall said.

The format was unique. Races were 2.5K sprints. Racers were divided into their grade levels, and then hit the course.

"It was just a fun race to get kids in the sprinting mode to get ready for the conference meet coming up this week," Dewall said. "Our kids use that race as a good stepping stone for the conference meet. It was a great format. We're thinking of maybe doing that for cross country running, too. The kids loved it. It was a fun, fun time."

Jonah Schill, a Hastings seventh-grader, also had a good race, Dewall said.

Dewall also highlighted the efforts of Sean Eglington and Joe Rabaey on the boys side.

Makaila England fared well for the girls, too, Dewall said.