HAYWARD, Wis. -- After Wisconsin's inaugural season of wolf hunting and trapping last fall, the state's wolf population has declined only slightly, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

The 2013 Wisconsin wolf count indicates there are a minimum of 809 to 834 wolves in the state, including 215 packs and 15 lone wolves, DNR officials said. The count compares to the 2012 estimate that ranged from 815 to 880 wolves, including 213 packs and 20 lone wolves.

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"The thing people were concerned about was whether the recent hunting and trapping seasons would have a depressing effect on the wolf population, and I don't see that in the numbers and the number of packs," said Ken Jonas, DNR area wildlife supervisor at Hayward.

Last fall, hunters and trappers took 117 wolves statewide.

Wildlife officials said all known wolf mortalities for 2012 fell within expected ranges, including 117 from hunting and trapping, 76 from depredation control, 24 from vehicle collisions, 21 from illegal kills and five from unknown causes.