Last week’s swimming and diving meet between Hastings and Cretin-Derham Hall was supposed to be a pretty one-sided affair. Going into the meet, Hastings was the easy favorite.

The meet, though, was anything but easy for Hastings.

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“This was a meet that was a lot harder than it should have been,” coach Katie McAlpin said. “We have a lot of our kids out not feeling well. We pulled through (but it) came down to the last relay.”

Hastings won, 95-88, after the team won the 400 freestyle relay.

The swimmer of the meet for Hastings was Allissa Smith.

“Allissa had great races even though she was not feeling the best,” McAlpin said. “Allissa has had a great season so far. She has bounced back from taking the summer off very well. She has been leading the team in many of the workouts. She is very  enthusiastic  and gets the girls going.”

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay – team of Kelly Leonard, Allissa Smith, Elli Walker and Morgan McCullough, second, 1:58.02; team of Mariah Wallace, Christina Gillard, Jenna Spitzack and Rosie Pechous, fourth, 2:08.43; team of Madi Ficker, Ellie Wallace, Nikki Girgen and Sara Ficker, 2:22.67.

200 freestyle – Brina Kari, first, 2:05.15; McCullough, second, 2:08.58; Mariah Wallace, fifth, 2:13.30.

200 individual medley – Abbie Gjelhaug, first, 2:19.58; Leonard, fourth, 2:24.06; Spitzack, 2:24.72.

50 freestyle – Walker, third, 26.98; Breanna Kimmes, fifth, 28.17; Pechous, 29.54.

Diving – Britta Johnson, first, 139.75; Alaina Kremer, second, 115.0; Madi Ficker, 108.50.

100 butterfly – McCullough, second, 1:06.56; Kimmes, third, 1:07.17; Walker, fifth, 1:10.60.

100 freestyle – Smith, first, 54.90; Spitzack, fourth, 1:00.54; Gillard, fifth, 1:01.13.

500 freestyle – Gjelhaug, first, 5:29.47; Leonard, third, 5:48.30; Girgen, fifth, 5:59.06.

200 freestyle relay – team of Smith, Kari, Leonard and Gjelhaug, first, 1:44.78; team of Ellie Wallace, Spitzack, Pechous and Kimmes, third, 1:54.20; team of Gretta Utecht, Madi Ficker, Megan Jahnke and Sara Ficker, 2:06.74.

100 backstroke – Kari, first, 1:02.51; Mariah Wallace, fourth, 1:11.62; Girgen, 1:17.69.

100 breaststroke – Smith, second, 1:12.85; Gillard, fifth, 1:20.26; Ellie Wallace, 1:28.93.

400 freestyle relay – team of Gjelhaug, Mariah Wallace, McCullough and Kari, first, 3:49.51; team of Gillard, Kimmes, Walker and Girgen, 4:11.41; team of Utecht, Sara Ficker, C.J. Kremer and Madi Ficker, 4:46.68.


Junior varsity

Results from the junior varsity meet went like this:

200 medley relay – team of Utecht, Johnson, C.J. Kremer and Alaina Kremer, 2:37.72.

200 freestyle – Abby Knapp, third, 2:33.48; Hannah Harris, fifth, 3:03.19.

50 freestyle – C.J. Kremer, second, 30.97; Jahnke, third, 31.18; Sydney Clark, 39.16.

100 butterfly – Pechous, second, 1:16.29; C.J. Kremer, fourth, 1:25.57.

100 freestyle – Utecht, second, 1:08.66; Harris, fifth, 1:23.80; Clark, 1:33.38.

200 freestyle relay - team of Harris, Alaina Kremer, Clark and Johnson, fourth, 2:27.52.

100 breaststroke – Jahnke, 1:26.12; Knapp, 1:34.29.

400 freestyle relay – team of Harris, Jahnke, Knapp and Caroline Meyer ZuEppendorf, 5:23.56.