A little more than a month ago a good chunk of the players on the New Life girls golf team were buying their first set of clubs.

A little more than a month later the team is making strides across the board.

“We’ve seen better and better scores as a team each time out,” coach Wally Bomgren said. “We’ve really seen that type of improvement that we’ve been looking for.”

Bomgren was adamant at the start of the season that success would be measured by overall improvement rather than overall results. He, and the players for that matter, knew low scores weren’t going to come over night.

“We’ve made them aware that the sport is really a work in progress,” Bomgren said. “It takes time to get a feel for the sport and figure it out. We’re trying to get them on the course playing every day. That’s our main focus.”

Megan Becken and Lauren Tateosian are players that seemed to have grasped some of the teaching points extremely quickly. Becken and Tateosian are consistently near the top of the scoring lineup and have seen their scores drop at a consistent rate as the season has progressed.

That improvement has been steady across the board, though, such is demonstrated by the fact that Sydney Sheridan and Isabelle Lindquist shot the best rounds of their lives last week.

“It’s really good to see stuff like that,” Bomgren said. “We have a lot of kids that are new to the game and it’s nice to see them improve and gain some confidence. We have a climate of encouragement that has them slowing improving and catching on with the way the game works.”

There is about a month left in the season before the postseason starts. That said the team isn’t really focused on the postseason right now.

“We’re really competing more with our own scores each time out,” Bomgren said. “We want to shoot better every time we get out on the course.”