Let’s face it, exercise can be a chore and an extra burden at times.

This creates a problem because we know we need to exercise, however it is not appealing and therefore we do something else instead of getting that daily dose of calorie burning in. Here are some tips that can help motivate you to get that workout done: 1. Train for an event (and have a goal time). Whether it is a 5K, marathon, triathlon, bike race, powerlifting, or a Spartan race, pick something you are interested in and train for it. This will give you the extra motivation you need to keep exercising and hit your goal! There are tons of training programs for these events online that you can follow.

2. Try group fitness classes. These classes set you up for success. You don’t have to go to the gym wondering what you should do to burn those calories. The routine is set for you! They also come with a built-in support network and you can make new friends by going to them. These friends are the best kind of friends because they will be the ones encouraging you to go to the gym.

3. Get a gym friend. Ask one of your friends to be your workout partner. Then, after they have agreed, set the days and times you will go to the gym together. This helps keep you accountable and makes you work out because you don’t want to let your friends down. If all else fails, hire a personal trainer. Then you have to come to the gym and it’s easy because they will write your workout for you.

4. Do the exercise you enjoy. This seems pretty straight forward but it is true. If you force yourself to do exercises you don’t like, then you will start to avoid coming to the gym. If you like swimming, come to the pool and swim. If you like kayaking, go kayaking. If you like spending time with your children, then take them on a walk with you!

Whichever way you choose to burn your calories, make sure you record them at The Centre during the week of Aug. 20-26. Help New Richmond reach the goal of 1 million calories burned. Edward Jones, Westfields and The Centre together will donate $9,000 to the New Richmond Trails and Pathways Committee to make more biking and running paths in town. Find out how you can register and more about the event at the Million Calorie Burn page on Facebook or The Centre’s website: www. nracentre.com/million. 

Kayla Bertram is the Workplace Wellness Manager at the New Richmond Area Centre.