Many times athletes possess the physical talent and skills but may need mental coaching to outperform other teams or excel on a personal level.

"Everyone is looking for the edge or the 'X factor' to allow them to perform at their best, because two people who are at the same place with their physical skills, but if one has the mental edge then that is the difference between being successful or not being successful," said Bill Tschida, district athletic and activities director for Farmington High School.

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He heard about certified mental performance consultant Cindra Kamphoff's work from a Prior Lake athletic director and invited her to come to Farmington. Last year she conducted training sessions with girls' hockey and basketball teams.

Jen Kroshus, head coach for Farmington Competition Cheer teams, has seen a positive difference in the confidence level in her athlete, who will be competing at nationals this week.

"Her training helps to unite them and help them focus so they can all work toward a common goal, and I think it is totally awesome we are given this opportunity and they provided this person who would be an asset to help the kids," Kroshus said.

In addition to developing that mental edge, coaches can help youth deal with the stress.

"If I can help you learn how to be mentally be tough on the athletic field, those skills could potentially carry over when you are trying to find a job- this mental training can give you the edge later in life and be more far reaching than just the moments of athletic participation" Tschida said.