The Prescott Chamber of Commerce organized funding for a bike repair and welcome area that was recently installed next to the Welcome and Heritage Center. Bringing this feature to the community was a combined effort of the Chamber, the Prescott Foundation, the Prescott Daze Committee and the city of Prescott.

The opening of the bike trail that links Prescott to Hastings was the perfect opportunity to welcome new visitors to our community and provide amenities for them and for local bike riders. The bike area has a repair station, bike rack, bench, drinking fountain and bottle filler, with a stair runnel to be added for moving bikes up and down the stairways near the bridge. The repair station has tools riders need to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, including changing flat tires and adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools are securely attached to the station, which includes arms to hang a bike while repairs and adjustments are made.

The bike center will also help promote Prescott on biking websites and in printed materials that highlight repair centers on the trails.

Prescott Chamber Board Member Chad Steger coordinated the effort and said he's "excited that

so many groups quickly saw the value of this resource for bicyclists and as a way to promote our city."

Phil Helgeson represented the Prescott Foundation during the planning stages and noted that this was "a great opportunity for several community organizations to partner to provide a service that benefits both our community biking enthusiasts and visitors."

Check it out the next time you're downtown!