Park 84, Woodbury 60

It was nothing but smiles at the end of the game for the Park Wolfpack.

Park's head coach Mike Weah looked at the scoreboard with a big smile on his face because he knew this team broke history.

Park defeated Woodbury on Friday night with an 84-60 final score and this was the first time since 2009 that the Wolfpack earned the win over the Royals.

"This is one of the greatest moments of my life," said Charlie Gorres. "We clicked as a team tonight and it was an amazing feeling."

The first half was back-and-forth until there was about four or five minutes left in the half. During those last few minutes, Park went on a streak to take a 45-35 lead heading into the second half.

That extended lead was due to the help of Domenik Block as he scored 23 points in the first half. Once the second half hit, Woodbury made sure to stop Block as he scored only five points in the second half.

"We knew Woodbury was going to stop Domenik in the second half," Weah said. "So, we knew the ball had to go into someone else's hands in the second."

In the second half, the idea was to pass the ball and find the open shooter. Weah said he knew Park had a lot of shooting options, so the players just needed to find the open man.

The Wolfpack did exactly that and continued extending that lead in the second half. A 10-point lead to start the half became a 15-point lead halfway through the half. Then, it became a 20-point lead near the end of the game.

After the final horn sounded, the Park players started giving each other hugs and saying three simple words.

"We did it."

Those three words echoed in the Park gym as Wolfpack fans were giving each other a hug because they knew these Park players broke history on Friday night.

Block led Park with 28 points, while Gorres finished with 20 points. Woodbury had McK Robertson and Bradley Cimperman lead the Royals with 14 points each.

The win for Park was the first Suburban East Conference win for Weah in his coaching career with the Wolfpack. That win brings Park's record to 4-6 on the season as the Wolfpack prepares to travel to Roseville on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m.

The loss for Woodbury brings its record down to 2-9 on the season as the Royals prepare to host in-town rival East Ridge on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m.

Trinity 63, New Life Academy 49

New Life Academy wasn't able to earn the win on Thursday night as Trinity defeated the Eagles 63-49.

The loss brings New Life's record down to 4-4 on the season as the Eagles prepare to host Maranatha on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 7:30 p.m.


East Ridge 75, Stillwater 55

East Ridge controlled the lead and the tempo the majority of the game and that allowed the Raptors to defeat Stillwater with a 75-55 final score on Thursday night.

The scoring for East Ridge was spread out as four players scored in double digits. Kendall Brown led the team with 19 points as Ben Carlson was right behind him with 17 points. Courtney Brown Jr. finished the night with 14 points, while Brody Kriesel ended the night with 12 points.

That win improves East Ridge's record to 7-2 on the season as the Raptors prepare to travel to in-town rival Woodbury on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m.


Park 64, Henry Sibley 63

It was a moment Charlie Gorres and the Park boys basketball team will never forget.

There was only a few seconds left in the game on Wednesday night as Henry Sibley led 63-61 over the Wolfpack.

As Park huddled, head coach Mike Weah looked at four-year varsity player Gorres and said make a play.

The ball was inbounded to Gorres and he was trying to find an open teammate, but he couldn't see anything with three opponents surrounding him. Park had zero timeouts, so Gorres threw up a prayer as he was falling to the ground. Lucky for him, the ball went through the net as time expired and Park won 64-63.

"I've never been on the winning side of those types of games," Weah said jokingly. "So it was great to see it fall and for us to get the win."

The shot wouldn't have been possible though without the help of Milton Carnes who made a play on a rebound. After a rebound by Henry Sibley, Carnes went in and grabbed the ball. The two were tied up and created a jump ball.

Park had the possession arrow and that jump ball gave Gorres the opportunity to win the game.

"I've told the players to never give up on a play," Weah said. "Milton took that to heart and showed it by getting the jump ball. That was a huge play that helped us get this win."

Weah admitted that the team didn't play its best basketball on Wednesday night as they trailed the majority of the game.

Even though it was a tough game, Weah was happy to see the fight in the players to keep pushing each other to earn the win.

"This win will help us in conference play because we know that we can win even on a tough night," Weah said. "I'm so proud of our players."

Jayden Lane led the Wolfpack with 16 points, while Jeremiah Smith and Domenik Block finished with 13 and 12 points respectively.

The win brought Park's record up to 3-6 on the season, but Weah hopes this win starts a win streak to begin the New Year.

The Wolfpack don't have much time to rest as they host Woodbury on Friday, Jan. 4 at 7 p.m.

"These are the moments I remember most throughout the season," Weah said. "I'm so happy that they were able to earn this win."