Hastings' junior Trevor Caflisch and sophomore Linnea Urban competed in the state nordic skiing meet in Biwabik, Minn., this past Thursday, Feb. 14. Urban finished in 16th and qualified for All-State honors after being in the Top-25. Meanwhile, it was Caflisch's second-straight state meet and he took 57th.

Urban was in 15th after the freestyle portion of the race, which she completed in 17 minutes and 58 seconds, and then completed the Classic portion in 19:28 for a total Pursuit time of 37:14. The girls' winner was Mara McColler of Wayzata with a time of 34:51.

It was her first state meet and after qualifying at sections, she said it came as a relief after just narrowly missing out on the state cross country meet in the fall.

"I was so relieved when I looked back and I couldn't see the girl who was in third," Urban said about finishing the section meet. "It was like 'I made it! I don't have to wait for results to come in and miss State by a spot again!'."

Urban said that her goal was to finish in the Top-25 and that she exceeded her own expectations.

"The only thing that I am going to do differently next year is know the course a bit better," she said. "I barely knew the skate course and I had never skied the classic course, so I might have been able to ski faster if I had known the courses, but overall I was very happy with the outcome."

Even though her high school season is over, Urban said she plans to keep on skiing.

"I am very pleased with how everything went. I'm so proud of my teammates and thankful for my coaches," she said. "My skiing isn't done quite yet because as long as there is snow I will be skiing. I have the Kortelopet (Kortelopet Classic and Skate 29K meet on Feb. 22) next week and I might be going to Alaska for Junior Nations over spring break. But overall, my high school season was a blast."

Meanwhile, a year after battling the aftermath of the flu in his first state meet, Caflisch returned to Biwabik healthy and ready to go. He took 57th overall with a Freestyle time of 16:14, a Classic time of 17:06.2 and a total Pursuit time of 33:20.2. The winner was Peter Moore of St. Paul Academy with a time of 30:16.0.

Caflisch said that just having been at the state meet before made a big difference in the experience this year.

"I felt that I was much more prepared this year compared to last," he said. "And I knew what to expect."

While he admitted that his morning Freestyle race was not what he wanted and he just felt a little off, Caflisch said his afternoon Classic race went much better and overall he was happy with his season.

"I was very happy with the season," he said. "I accomplished all of the goals I had set for the season and did even better than I was hoping. It was a great season."