The stands were packed and crowds were loud at the second annual Rosemount Police and Fire departments Guns vs. Hoses hockey fundraiser.

Rosemount Police and Fire Departments unified to entertain the community Saturday evening, March 23, at the Rosemount Community Center to have fun and raise money for United Heroes League Foundation. The nonprofit organization donates sports equipment and subsidizes association fees, as well as distributes gear and game tickets to military children.

"It really helps out military families a lot and that was what we were going for this year," said Rosemount police officer Nick Swanson.

Swanson helped organize the fundraiser along with a couple officers and the fire department. The police won the hockey game, 7-5. The police team wore white and blue jerseys and the firefighters black jerseys. All the public safety city staff bought and paid for the jerseys.

"Our customized jerseys had our names on the back and our badge numbers on the back," Swanson said. "We chose the thin blue line look with a center logo that is a clover to represent Rosemount."

As a former Rosemount High varsity hockey player, Swanson, 23, said unfortunately he was not able to play this year due to an injury, but he looks forward to competing on the ice next year. He served as the Guns vs. Hoses game coach.

"I am really happy with the outcome of the event and the support was amazing and the stands were full and the crowd was loud," Swanson said. "We really wanted to incorporate the fans this year so we did random giveaways, gift cards and different giveaways," he said.

Many local area and Rosemount businesses donated.

During the game's second intermission, fans took turns shooting the puck into the goal at center ice.

"We had a very good turnout and good support and both departments were extremely proud of the outcome and support and it was nice to see the people in the stands since we were playing for a great cause," Swanson said.

Swanson has worked on the police force for two years.

"In this line of work, we are seen as very professional and we wear a uniform, and so at this event it is nice for the community to see us all having fun and engaging with the fire department and competing for a good cause," he said. "We are always trying to give back to the community and show people in the city that we do care and we still like to have fun."

The community event raised more than $2,300, plus funds from the concession proceeds and silent auction.

"Last year we raised $1,500 and since this is our second year, we have grown by leaps and bounds," Swanson said.

The event allows the two public safety departments a chance to build a personal relationship outside of the professional relationship.

"It is nice to get together with the fire department since our relationship is awesome, but this only strengthens that relationship," Swanson said.