A quartet of Woodbury girls -- Jenna Karrow, Bailee Meyer, Lauren Puglisi and Erin Kohlbeck -- competed at the AAU National Diving Tournament from Aug. 2-9 in Coral Springs, Fla.

Puglisi placed fifth on the 16-18 age group platform dive, then joined her synchro partner, Anna Percival, to take ninth in the 16-18 3-meter synchronized dive.

Karrow placed seventh on the 16-18 platform, 10th on the 16-year-old 3-meter dive and 13th on the 1-meter.

Meyer took eighth on the 16-18 platform, 30th on the 17-year-old 1-meter dive and 23rd on the 3-meter.

Kohlbeck came in 11th on the 16-18 platform, fourth on the 18-year-old 3-meter and second on the 1-meter.

Karrow, Meyer and Kohlbeck compete with Minnesota Diving Academy and Puglisi competes for Bounce.